Everything You Need To Know about Parc Riviera | West Coast

The westward extension of the Inner City and Prime districts.
Characterised by green hilly terrain, verdant parks and excellent air quality, these districts present a viable alternative to prime district condos, yet offer a quality of life unmatched anywhere else in Singapore.
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Everything You Need To Know about Parc Riviera | West Coast

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Everything You Need To Know about Parc Riviera


Parc Riviera is another exciting development project which has become the center of attention for people looking to buy a house for living or investment purposes. People interested in buying homes as well as real estate gurus are eyeing this project as it is expected to provide a great combination of economical and luxurious living to hundreds of families. We will obviously discuss different specific aspects of this important project in next articles. This article is written to provide a brief summary of some of these important features and crucial fundamental information which may be of great interest for readers. So let’s start knowing more about Park Riviera.

Located along West Coast vale, this is a waterfront living project. The project has been developed by famous developer EL Development which has invested $314.1 M in this development. This huge investment shows the level of confidence builder has in the success of this project. At the end of this project, the housing scheme will have around 500 luxurious units. One of the defining features of Parc Riviera is that of the availability of enormous educational and recreational facilities within the radius of few kilometers. Special effort has also been made to also equip the area with family oriented facilities, such as pools, playgrounds, shopping malls and a clubhouse. Similarly, various local and international primary and secondary schools and colleges are already present within a reachable distance.

Parc Riviera is located next to Jurong Lake District which is Singapore’s 2nd CBD and it is easily connected via two major expressways and MRT stations.

As the Park Riviera project is still in the development phase, the price of individual units (houses) is not high at the moment. In fact, the expected price in Parc Riviera is considerably lower than similar houses in the surrounding housing schemes. At the same time, EL development is also expected to provide discount like its previous projects. This provides a great opportunity for middle-class and upper-middle-class families to buy a house and ensure peaceful future. On the other hand, units in Parc Riviera are termed as a great for investment purposes as well. The fact of the matter is that the demand for houses in Singapore has grown rapidly in the last few decades and it is expected to continue in the next few years. Therefore, the price of a house in a well-established luxury housing society is expected to considerably inflate in the next five to ten years. Hence, any investment made today in Parc Riviera can yield a great return in the future. Moreover, a house in this area is also expected to provide better rental income as the Parc Riviera area is surrounded by numerous schools, colleges, parks, malls and other important facilities.

Considering these facts, it can be established that Parc Riviera is a highly desirable place for investment purposes. However, stay tuned as we will be discussing other important features of Park Riviera Price in good detail in the upcoming articles.

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